Walk Towards The Fire

We've heard the saying light shines out darkness.

It's also being open to allowing the light in to diminish the darkness.

Over the holidays, I had a convo with a childhood friend around Christmas who admitted she was unhappy with her life. She claimed she has been retreating from everyone including myself. Her reasoning was, it too painful to witness everyone else being happy with their partners/families or having happiness in their lives when she felt her life was in shambles. What I find interesting about some people in pain is how it keeps them from seeing the beauty they've created in their own lives.

Meanwhile, I'm glad she could admit her inability to not appreciate the happiness of others to herself and me. However, truly what she needs to see is the beauty in herself again to appreciate the beauty within others. I think what many fail to realize is we cannot look at other people’s happiness and attempt to copy, covet or be jealous of their happiness. We must appreciate the beauty in our lives when so we can see the beauty in ourselves at every stage.

Sometimes we do need to separate ourselves. Though in my experience most of the time when people retreat from friends, family or other loved ones; its due to hiding themselves from their reality which only intensifies their suffering. Pain can blind many to the gratitude in their lives blocking the ability to understand suffering is the ideal moment to embrace gratitude.

Gratitude helps you appreciate your now. In your now, realize you cannot know real joy until you understand the depths of your suffering. When you come face to face with death, homelessness, financial brokenness, loneliness, defeat or lose your will to live. If you give yourself permission to feel your disparity you will find your resurrection. Each of us can have our own rebirth, if we are willing.

Those who are willing to walk towards the fire in their lives find their lives.

Walk towards the fire before the well runs dry within.